The Ultimate Guide to Automated Customer Service

Learn about the benefits of automated customer service and how AI can enhance it. Discover how IVR, CRM systems, virtual assistants, AI chatbots, NLP & more can help.

The Ultimate Guide to Automated Customer Service

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a popular form of automated customer service that allows customers to manage simple tasks on their own, eliminating intermediaries and allowing them to resolve issues in a timely manner. Email marketing and webinars are also great ways to promote customers and provide content about customer empowerment. For many B2B brands, the sale won't be made through an online payment experience, but rather through a process of nurturing potential customers and guiding them through free trials, briefings, and other key steps before becoming paying customers. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems provide a form of automation by facilitating a more efficient exchange of customer data.

Automated responses can also be used to provide an overview of an entire live chat sent by email or a list of possible resources that could help the customer find an answer while waiting. Automating the customer experience can help you collect the data you need to deliver truly personalized customer experiences, as well as provide the tools needed to actually deliver them.

The Benefits of Automated Customer Service

Virtual assistants, such as keyword chatbots and AI chatbots, are a popular form of customer service automation and use predefined rules or artificial intelligence (AI) to help customers quickly perform tasks and resolve issues. Automating AI makes it easy to test, measure and learn so you can continuously optimize the customer service experience.

For your knowledge base to enable self-service, you need external search visibility and intuitive on-site search functionality. Monitor your automated customer service by collecting as much data as possible and auditing it frequently.

How AI Can Enhance Automated Customer Service

When human and AI customer service representatives work in sync, it ensures a much faster response and better overall service for customers. AI automation allows companies to automate more complex queries using conversational AI chatbots, which use natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to better understand and process user inputs and intentions, retrieve relevant information, perform the required tasks and provide quick answers. Of course, everything you do at CXA should have a positive effect on the customer experience, both by helping to boost customer service efficiency and by offering memorable experiences through personalization.